Dear Deputy Prime Minister Ebba Busch
Dear Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans
Dear Commissioner Kadri Simson
Dear Mr Markus Pieper MEP
Dear Mr Nicolás González Casares MEP
Dear Mr Christophe Grudler MEP
Dear Mr Ville Niinistö MEP
Dear Ms Sira Rego MEP
Dear Mr Paolo Borchia MEP
Dear Mr Evzen Tosenovsky MEP

23 March 2023

Renewable energy technologies are central to Europe’s efforts to maintain and boost jobs, growth and global competitiveness. They are also the frontline of defence against European reliance on volatile gas supplies. Renewable energy represents the best way to deliver cost competitive and reliable sources of domestic energy to the benefit of European industry, businesses, and households, according to the International Energy Agency.

We are therefore deeply concerned by efforts to incorporate ‘low-carbon technologies’ into the legal
framework designed to support and promote renewable energy technologies.

It would mean fewer investments in renewables, just when Europe is meant to accelerate its transition to a renewables-based energy system. Investors are already shaken by uncoordinated Government
interventions on electricity markets whilst considerable investment commitments in renewable
heating supply-chains, which are massively up-scaling to meet staggering demand to displace fossils, could be undermined.

Furthermore, it would also risk the loss of hard-earned leadership and competitiveness in the
renewable energy sector to the US and China, who are dramatically increasing targeted regulatory
support and financing for renewable energy sectors for domestic consumption and technology export purposes.

Therefore, we strongly oppose the direct and indirect inclusion of fossil-based and non-
renewable ‘low-carbon technologies’
into the legal framework designed to advance renewables.

We call on you to seize this moment to commit to a stable, clear, and robust policy framework that
will accelerate the build out of renewables across Europe.

Yours sincerely

Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centers
Bioenergy Europe
European Geothermal Energy Council
European Heat Pump Association
European Solar Manufacturers Council
European Renewable Energy Federation
Ocean Energy Europe
Solar Heat Europe
Solar Power Europe
Wind Europe

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