IANOS IntegrAted SolutioNs for DecarbOnisation and Smartification of Islands – develops and tests tailor-made solutions for decarbonising geographical islands. Promoted as platforms for pilot initiatives on clean energy transition and showcased at national and European level, IANOS contributes to solving decarbonisation challenges the energy sector is facing on each of the islands currently included in the project.

The pilots are being implemented on the lighthouse islands of Ameland (Netherlands) and Terceira (Portugal) and will be replicated on the fellow Islands of Lampedusa, Nisyros and Bora Bora. In this process, IANOS adapts Artificial Intelligence solutions and innovative tools to support citizens as active players in the energy system and the deployment of green technologies, promoting flexibility and self-sufficiency through the use of distributed renewable energy and storage solutions.

The IANOS consortium consists of 35 partners from ten European countries, with EREF’s role extending to citizen and stakeholder engagement on the islands, through the development of community engagement tools, workshops, and advisory paper, emphasizing the prospect to establish energy community models on Bora Bora, Terceira, Nisyros and Lampedusa. EREF further plays an active part in disseminating project outcomes to decision-makers and stakeholder groups at EU level.

For further information and updates on current projects and insights into the work of IANOS you can visit IANOS social media pages.


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