EREF’s Board is composed of elected representatives from members. They decide on the priorities of the federation and set the agenda for its activities each year.

António Sá da Costa

Portuguese Renewable Energy Association, APREN

Ghislain Weisrock

French Hydropower Association, FHE
Vice-President and Treasurer

Göran Bryntse

Swedish Renewable Energy Association, SERO

Martin Bursik

Czech Renewable Energy Association OZE

Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes

German Renewable Energy Federation, BEE

Savvas Seimanidis

Greek Renewable Energy Association, GAREP

Stefan Hantsch

Austrian Wind Energy Association,
IG Windkraft, Vice-President

Bogdan Popa

Romanian Small Hydropower Association, ROSHA

Carlo Reeker

German Wind Energy Association, BWE

Claudius da Costa Gomez

German Biogas Association, Fachverband Biogas

Marc Londo

Dutch Renewable Energy Association, NVDE

Morten Petersen

Danish Small Wind Turbine Association

Paul Ablinger

Austrian Small Hydropower Association, Kleinwasserkraft Österreich

Piotr Wisniewski

Polish Renewable Energy Association, PIGEO

Robert Pays

French Autonomous Electricity Federation, EAF

Stefan Pastötter

Bavarian Hydropower Association, VWB

Honorary Board members

Dr. Nikolaos Vasilakos
Preben Maegaard

Advisory Board Members

Prof. Dr. Thomas B. Johansson

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