SKILL BILL – Skills to Boost Innovation and professional fulfiLLment in a sustainable economy – helps implementing the European Green Deal, promotes Circular Economy and the achievement of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. SKILL BILL’s overall objective is to develop a large and strong foundation for the growth and acceleration of renewable energy development by engaging with stakeholders of the entire value chain, by disseminating scientific expertise and the skilling multi-level workers.

In a nutshell, SKILLBILL fosters faster renewable energy development through stakeholder community engagement, knowledge sharing and peer learning, as well as skilling, upskilling, reskilling. With 10 partners from 7 EU countries, SKILL BILL creates pathways that attract target groups and trigger interest and involvement in RES, in addition to initial education and professional levels.

In the project implementation, EREF provides support to conducting some of the project’s core activities, which include the creation of interdisciplinary working groups who exchange on technological and non-technological barriers for renewable energy development; to establish an inclusive, dynamic & open repository and network for educational videos, interviews with business leaders and training lectures for each technology; to develop an advanced and permanent education program on RES at European level as well as a Vocational Education program for the upskilling of technicians, designers and researchers; and to increase female talent in technology, innovation and scientific research.

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