It’s time for issue 2/2022 of “Energetyka Wodna”!

As usual, the editorial office has prepared the mix of Polish and international topics concerning hydropower.

Michał Lis, the managing editor of the quarterly has summarised HYDRO 2022, organised this year in France by Aqua~Media International Ltd.

In turn Piotr Śliwiński, the President of Polish Comittee of Large Dams (POLCOLD) prepared a short comment about participation in @ICOLD-CIGB Marseille 2022 organised by International Commission on Large Dams.

You can also find section about investments and projects implemented by Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne Wody Polskie.

Among the cover topics of the issue are:

  • new SHP Sromowce V utilising the potential of Dunajec River, written by Piotr Włodarski. Among others, in this project were mainly involved: Enerko Energy – general contractor, and Voith Hydro – hydroset supplier.
  • The insight about actual situation in Polish energy market, prepared Radosław Koropis from Renpro
  • The new information campaign „We can, with hydropower”, presented by Eddie Rich, CEO of International Hydropower Association
  • The concept of a fish elevator, developed by Bernhard Pelikan

In this issue you can find also many practical and technical articles:

  • Challenges in the construction, erection, or rehabilitation phase of a hydro power plant, written by Bettina Geisseler
  • Improving the efficiency of water pumps and turbines”, thanks to Roman Masek, Technical Director of Belse
  • How do I get started with BIM?, explained by Tomasz Rajpold, CEO of HydroBIM
  • Fish ladder design in terms of a large difference in water level, presented by Igor Suslo, Maciej Pilecki, Marek Mazurkiewicz from Hydroinvest and Wiesław Wiśniewolski from the Stanislaw Sakowicz Inland Fisheries Institute
  • Polish Energy Policy Until 2040, delivered by Bartosz Piątek and Krzysztof Szyszko

We left for the end the contribution prepared by our  reliable Dirk Hendricks, concerning EU Restoration Law and small hydropower.

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