This time we invite you to read in “Energetyka Wodna” magazine a series of publications summarizing the past decade in hydropower from the perspective of industry experts. The issue is opened with a summary written by Ewa Malicka, President of the Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development, concerning the small hydropower sector in Poland, while Roger Gill, President of the International Hydropower Association, summarises global trends in hydropower.

I would also like to draw your attention to the topic of this issue, written by Bertalan Alapfy, which is an innovative project of a “shaft” hydropower power plant, developed at the Technical University of Munich.

Considering the current conflict in Ukraine, it is impossible to omit these dramatic events also in a technical magazine, as they affect the whole Europe. María Ubierna, Director of Open Hydro introduces statistics and current situation in Ukrainian hydropower.

You could check current status of HYPOSO project described also by Ewa Malicka.

You could make an insight into Polish hydropower:

  • “IOZE hydro realisations”, thanks to contribution prepared by Łukasz Kalina
  • “The future with energy is on the water” delivered written by Marcin Jędrak from Respect Energy

For those, who are interested in technical issues, the following articles are recommended:

  • “Innovative wave turbine – green energy from sea waves”, prepared by Mieczysław Korzeński  from WUPROHYD
  • “Methods for protecting surfaces against cavitation erosion”, thanks to Roman Masek, Technical Director of Belse
  • “Environmental aspects of using vinyl sheet piling”, written by Jacek Gralewski and Dawid Jasiński from Pietrucha

Of course, our contribution could not be missing in the current issue of magazine. You’re welcome to read “Hydropower news from Brussels”, written by Dirk Hendricks General Secretary of EREF.

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